Daniël Haitink

Groningen, the Netherlands · daniel@danielhaitink.nl

I am a freelance software developer, stationed in Groningen, The Netherlands. I am educated in the soaring field of artificial intelligence. I have been running my own company, Lions Den Software for about three years. I often work together with a few other developers, with whom I can tackle bigger projects than I can do by myself.

In these years I have worked on multiple exiting and varying projects. Projects including, but not limited to, automating and predicting stock exchanges, automating agricultural applications, game development and game porting.

I have worked with multiple different toolsets for all these projects. I have worked with Java, C, C++, C#, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Dart, MATLAB and more.

Together with more than 20 companies, I am member of the Game Bakery, a cooperative for developers, artists and other creative companies. We often work together on projects.

Please feel free to contact me with questions, remarks, project opportunities or other related matters.


Artificial Intelligence, Bsc.

University of Groningen
My biggest achievement at the RuG is my bachelor thesis. Together with another student and my supervisor, we have published a paper based on my thesis. The subject of the thesis is "Zero-Shot Learning Based Approach For Medieval Word Recognition Using Deep-Learned Features".
2013 - 2018


Freelance Software Developer

Creating software solutions for individuals and companies.

2016 - Present


Programming Languages & Tools
I have worked with many programing languages and tools. These are just a subset of the languages and tools that I have used. Next to the languages depicted above, I have had experience with C#, MATLAB, R, Android, Dart and more. I believe that learning new tools and languages is always beneficial and gives new views and perspectives.
I always try to work with the tools and languages that are most suited for the application at hand.


I have a wide range of interests. I am very interested in the field of linguistics, which is probably originating from my childhood. My mother has been working as a speech therapist for as long as I can remember. I am also very interested in linking language and AI. It is rather difficult to process language with normal computer programs, whereas AI can be very powerful in this situation.

Cooking is also a big passion of mine. I love to make big and fancy dishes when I have a day off. The greatest benefit of being able to cook well, is that one can eat pretty good, too.

At work, I love to solve problems of clients in the best way possible. Together with colleagues, we try to solve them as efficient as possible. Because of the variety of companies working at the Game Bakery, problems can be tackled from very different perspectives. This is one of the biggest benefits of working in a big cooperative.